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Friday, December 28, 2012

Forward Thinking

It's time for sequines, schmazzle, dazzle & shine!  The last round of holidays are nearly behind us & it's been great.  If you've been strategic, you may even have something left of your cookie stash, but I ask  who is not ready for a new year?

We've all been on both sides of the leading questions "are you ready to... get back to school,  for that new little sister,  are you ready for Christmas??" all cruelly stoking the embers of stress within us.

New years is different though...are you ready for a new start?  A clean slate?  For bright and shiny happy times?  Heck yessssssssss.  Happy New Year to everyone!!

 Rock in the New Year with anything from Girl Friday & you'll be stepping in style!
From mirthy to earthy Be Joyful sets the tone on a high note :)

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