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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Colors

Well, we must be feeling the Blue/Burnt Orange vibe based on these snaps of what the manne's are wearing this week at Vitae.
Is this color combo a thing? ?  

Likely as anything it's a reflection of the cool/warm tug of war going on with Midwest temperatures lately 
and the abundance leaves and pumpkins  and the deep blue sky. 

 OK we love it and it's lovely.  Autumn gathers us back in to schedules, traditions, recipes and romance like no other....time to dust off my 5 favorite pairs of boots - I've missed them:)

Acanthus Apparel's Aviator raglan looks sweet tucked into this cozy Pink Revolver skirt with a twice wrapped soft  scarf by Magpie.

This subtle chevron skirt by Magpie is made of 70's ribbed jersey and dresses up well with the Patsy blouse from Dear Creatures. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

There's a World of Food in the E.Village

Ahh, it's here. There's nothing quite as appetizing as watching them set up tents and tables for 2 days while you eat your salsa-less tortilla chips from the bag for lunch..again. We're ready and willing to try gator (not really), delicacies we cannot pronounce, and to wash it down with exotic beers and/or cocktails.

And music. Yes please. Presumably there will be more, as the title to the event has changed...and that makes sense because music makes the world go around.  Or is that money?  Well, you won't be needing tons of that to get your fill...there's no charge to enter the festival, and each of the many food vendors offers a $1. sample size option, along with entree choices ranging from $4 to $6 as we recall. 

Most shops will be open late and even Sunday, so check out the retail stops, be a rebel and hit one of our world class restaurants, and carpe weim (seize the weekend)!

Here's the link to the official website:)

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's For You!

You can pick up one of these covers for iphone 4 and 5 at Vitae.

Field Trip is an independent design co. out of Vancouver, BC and we found their stuff so irresistible, we just had to share.  As we all know, it's just a good idea to personalize and protect your favorite gadget - and we've got a big selection to choose from.  Come check them out for yourself or someone you may be gifting.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stripes and Such

This adorable diagonal stripe swish dress from Pink Revolver makes an easy transition to Fall with
the addition of a luxe knit bandanna - available in 2 colors from Whitly Craft Works.

Ohh, here's another Dear Creature(s) feature:
 the Monique dress - sweet & stylish in a lovely Cranberry/Navy 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Here are some Fall essentials you can find at Vitae this week...

The Tularosa dress from Dear Creatures is:
1. adorable
2. available in a full size run
3. warm and stripey

Sweet Marcel socks are:
1. Uhmazing
2. Available in Over the knee, knee high and children's styles
3. Going to sell come by while the pickin's good:)

p.s.....We'll see you Friday (7 to 9pm) - if not before.... as we host the Forever Gold Vol.2 release party!!