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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Colors

Well, we must be feeling the Blue/Burnt Orange vibe based on these snaps of what the manne's are wearing this week at Vitae.
Is this color combo a thing? ?  

Likely as anything it's a reflection of the cool/warm tug of war going on with Midwest temperatures lately 
and the abundance leaves and pumpkins  and the deep blue sky. 

 OK we love it and it's lovely.  Autumn gathers us back in to schedules, traditions, recipes and romance like no other....time to dust off my 5 favorite pairs of boots - I've missed them:)

Acanthus Apparel's Aviator raglan looks sweet tucked into this cozy Pink Revolver skirt with a twice wrapped soft  scarf by Magpie.

This subtle chevron skirt by Magpie is made of 70's ribbed jersey and dresses up well with the Patsy blouse from Dear Creatures. 

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