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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for Fashion

Fashion and the people in Des Moines who support it!
To all of you who have shopped or even browsed our lil boutique in the East Village or back in the day on 17th.....Thank You so very much. And then to all our consignors who without you believing in us we wouldn't even have this lil shop. Thank you for all your wonderful talents and just for being who you all are..who we have luckily gotten to know through our lil journey together.
Now this is sounding like a good bye letter or something...I promise it's not....I am just feeling alittle more great full today then maybe yesterday and I wanna share it. And I really want everyone that has come in our path and helped in any and all ways to know how wonderful they all are...and you know who you are.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Happy Holidays ya'll

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Acanthus Apparel Cyber Monday Sale!

It's official... Holiday shopping has begun! To kick off the season Acanthus Apparel is offering 20% off plus free shipping in the United States on all of the apparel in their Acanthus Etsy store. The sale will begin this Sunday the 28th at 5pm and end Monday at midnight. To receive this special deal just enter the coupon code CYBERMONDAY at check out. Happy Shopping!

Acanthus Apparel Winter 2010

Photography by Karla Conrad of La Bella Photo.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ode to a Tapestry Bag

I do love me a tapestry bag. Tells a story. Has a history of it's own, that is, when made of vintage textiles. I used to make them...probably will soon & I must say that I'm inspired. They don't make ships like they used to (and that's okay). Sure, there must be artisans making replicas, and that's thrilling in a way, but it's not the same. We're talking about time here. I know, you thought we were talking about a bag.

Tapestries weave a tale. This one is an old linen tea towel. May have been a nice gift - thankfully apparently not used to wipe a lot of dishes. No wear, no fade - a good specimen. Probably from the 1960's and most likely good Irish linen, as gifty towels tended to be. But to me, it's an iconic image of an iconic image - and from this thrice removed perspective, it's quite refreshing. We're so jaded. So busy. To contemplate the journey is the gift here (we're talking about time again). To travel by ship - the danger, the adventure and commitment involved - I can only imagine...for a moment...while I look at this bag. Even the era of the textile itself. Wow, an actual depiction. We not only get the full sail ship, but a sunset. At the moment, you're far more likely to get stylized almost symbol like images. I enjoy the almost cartoony nostalgia we're experiencing in textile design now, but it's good to mix in some authentic stuff, or we are at risk of stylizing our very history. So pause, take the journey - appreciate the sunset and the fact that a real person in America no less, put it on a bag for you. There's only one & it's not even expensive. Go local, go vintage textiles!
Shown: Sailor tote by Pink Revolver $32.