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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Dresses are Arriving!

Well ok, there's one thing we love about Fall, and its pretty much the same thing we like about the other seasons....DRESSES!! 

 The difference is, we now artfully plan our layering strategies & that's half the fun - but more on that later.  Now's the time for some new key pieces to get us through the climate challenge that lies ahead for many of us. 

Bring it.

We are loving the Abigail dress, new in the shop this week from Dear Creatures. The sheer shoulder and smart collar are details that make us swoon.  Come try it in Navy Blue, and peek at the other new arrivals (we'll be blogging about them soon)! 

xoxo, Vitae

Friday, August 23, 2013

We Have Stationary!

We're excited to introduce two new labels, The Black Apple and Wit & Whistle—stationary is now on the shelves of Vitae! 

Live inside the storybook-like imagination of Emily Martin, the "curiosity peddler and picture scribbler" behind The Black Apple, Vitae's new line of creative cards and paper goods. 

Emily's art is the work of dreams, and it's no coincidence. As a child Emily drew her dreams, and she didn't let growing up get in the way. Her work is also inspired by fairy tales, carnivals, vintage children's clothing, her favorite films and autobiography.

Make your friends' spirits soar with The Black Apple cards, just because. 

The Black Apple writes fairy tales with paint instead of words. Live inside her plots (this one is about a spring wedding celebrated between a girl and a bear—love) with her whimsy wall art.

Amanda Wright—self-proclaimed design nerd, behind Wit & Whistle, wants to bring a creative edge to your life with her witty line of cards, stationary and paper goods.

Never stop writing with Wit & Whistle's jubilant jotters.

Write a personalized secret messages to loved ones with Wit & Whistle's Decoder Card.

Stop into Vitae to check out our sweet stationary and quirky cards.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Acanthus Apparel Fall Items

New Acanthus fall items are rolling into Vitae! We love the three new designs. Right now they are available on the items pictured but they will be printed on more items in the coming weeks. Stop in and check them out!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Save the Date!

      Join us as we host the release party for FOREVER GOLD Volume 2 - the much anticipated follow up to last Springs's sold out photo journal by photographer Michael Watson.

      Volume 2 will feature 50 pages of all new 35mm and instant photography shots sure to capture your attention.

      We're so glad to be hosting this event - the last one was stellar (but alas the donuts ran out too soon:) 
      Plus, we're all about real books of pictures from real cameras, especially from this guy's perspective - it's going to be a great collection.

      Forever Gold Vol.2 will be for sale at the party for just $15., and we're pretty sure you can get that signed.
      Just 100 copies will be printed, so stop in to get yours and enjoy some tunes, snacks and beers.

      FGV2  is a First Friday in the East Village event, so be on the look out for parties, events and specials throughout the neighborhood:)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Partly Cloudy and 100% Awesome

.  The new cloud necklaces from Be Joyful are clever, simple and interactive: 3 elements that make these a win for giving or for keeps.

A cluster of old fashioned boot buttons with a single drop strung from the center emotively suggests a cloud doing what clouds do best.  The grouping easily glides on a corded chain for no reason at all 
which is delightfully appealing to us.
 For especially "changeable" gals, these gems can be used as a handy indicator of emotional stability - not unlike old fashioned mood rings or our home state's beloved weather beacon - with Black signalling "go away and come again another day"  while White beckons " It's a good day for a long talk and a Lifetime movie". 
One  look and they'll know - you've got exceptional taste in jewelry:)   

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Acanthus Apparel Flash Sale on Etsy

Acanthus is trying something new... Today only they are having a flash sale on both of these boxy tee styles via Etsy. They are 20% off their regular price of $34. If you live in the Des Moines area and prefer to pick up at Vitae they will refund your shipping costs. 

If this goes well expect to see a Flash Sale at least once a month on a Sunday. So watch for the next one.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Introducing Bark Decor

We are pleased to announce a new label hitting our shelves — tomorrow! Bark Decor's totally tangled line art is displayed on tea towels, t-shirts and tanks. Sara Barrett, the indie east-coast designer behind Bark Decor, creates intricate limited-run apparel and decor that is mad-appealing to the contemporary eye (we heard a rumor you guys have some serious style, so we thought you'd want in on this one). 

Make your kitchen (or a friends) happy with Bark Decor's quirky tea towels, or get comfy in her mod t's and tanks. 

Buy Bark Decor's designs guilt-free. Her line is made in America, and created with the planet in mind (she even uses the sun to screen print, instead of electricity-eating equipment).

Vitae is the only brick and mortar store in Iowa carrying Bark Decor, so style your outfit or home assured that you will not look like you just shopped the mall. Not everyone in town will be rocking Bark Decor's sweet styles, which makes these intricate designs perfect for indie individuals.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tax Free Weekend Shopping

The Summer milestones are marching by.   Somewhere between the 4th of July and the State Fair parade is an often overlooked tradition - and though we're not sending out any Hallmark cards, we're always happy to see the annual Iowa sales tax holiday roll around. 

Friday August 2nd and Saturday August 3rd, there will be no tax charged on sales of most clothing and shoes statewide. This incentive (now in it's 14th year) was initiated to keep those back to school dollars from going to neighboring states like Minnesota that do not tax clothing.  Boring fact perhaps, but saving money is fun.

Basically, exempt from taxes are clothing items under $100. (everything at Vitae:)  from hats to socks. This does not include non-apparel items like purses and jewelry, but you can snatch those up with the dollars you'll be saving on the essentials (dresses, t shirts and the like). 

For a complete breakdown of what is taxable/exempt, visit this helpful page  and don't forget the chips (for the big sales tax holiday BarBQ)!