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Friday, August 23, 2013

We Have Stationary!

We're excited to introduce two new labels, The Black Apple and Wit & Whistle—stationary is now on the shelves of Vitae! 

Live inside the storybook-like imagination of Emily Martin, the "curiosity peddler and picture scribbler" behind The Black Apple, Vitae's new line of creative cards and paper goods. 

Emily's art is the work of dreams, and it's no coincidence. As a child Emily drew her dreams, and she didn't let growing up get in the way. Her work is also inspired by fairy tales, carnivals, vintage children's clothing, her favorite films and autobiography.

Make your friends' spirits soar with The Black Apple cards, just because. 

The Black Apple writes fairy tales with paint instead of words. Live inside her plots (this one is about a spring wedding celebrated between a girl and a bear—love) with her whimsy wall art.

Amanda Wright—self-proclaimed design nerd, behind Wit & Whistle, wants to bring a creative edge to your life with her witty line of cards, stationary and paper goods.

Never stop writing with Wit & Whistle's jubilant jotters.

Write a personalized secret messages to loved ones with Wit & Whistle's Decoder Card.

Stop into Vitae to check out our sweet stationary and quirky cards.

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