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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ain't no cure for the summer time blues..except shoppin'

This week we are featuring bold colors and knotty knits that'll get ya in that "sunny" sort of mood...

A girly crop top by E. Marguerite paired with the most comfy- carefree leggings from Beata Dirycz--and they have buttons! This outfit would be more complete if you just add a straw bag (or hat) and take your cute self to the downtown farmer's market...

Straw Bags not your thing?
Then check out the latest re-constructed feed sack clutches by Pink Revolver...complete with cute charms...bananas anyone??...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Robots! Pirate Ships ! and Polka dots!

AAARRG Come To Vitae this week and see what we have "In Store" fer ya!

New items hot off the presses by Acanthus Apparel....Nothing says summer like a turquoise dress with black lace,..and a pirate ship screen printed right on the side!...It'll have any guy ready to walk the plank for you..ya just gotta come in a snag it first!..there's only one!

Did you just get that new piece of technological mumbo jumbo from the Apple store? at Jordan Creek Mall?..Well have we got the perfect bag for you to put it in. What says I like to support local businesses more than a hand made "Robot" bag By Kitsch and Stitch?...Just ask your new Robot iphone, and I bet he'll agree!

Were you going to meet Johnny for a picnic in the prairie, but had to stand him up because you realized you had nothing to wear?!!!?...Don't worry, we've all been there...That's why Magpie made the perfect dress, with polka dots, posies, and all...So don't fret you and Johnny will be frolicking in the clover, and carving your names on that tree in no time!

So come see us soon! We're just dying to hear about iphones falling in love with hand bags, gents voluntarily throwing themselves into bodies of water, and trees beginning to display the romance that only can be viewed nowadays on Pee Wee's Big Top Adventure...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Female Trouble" Artist Reception

The newest art installation at Vitae is an all female show featuring the work of Kelsey Cliche, Toni Kirschbaum, Jana Rector, Whitney Warne, Meagan Chapman, Maggie Gulling and Anna C.F. The show includes vibrant works of photography, acrylics and multi-media from these local ladies. Boys are encouraged to attend and are welcome to draw on our chalkboard wall. Please come join us at the Opening Reception Friday June 12th at Vitae from 6 to 10pm to meet the artists, designers and friends and enjoy snacks, beverages and music provided by DJ Stop Action, and don't forget drunken dancing and clean-up at 11. See you there!!