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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall scarves....not winter yet!

      With alittle help from the remnants department in my sewing room I put together these versions of the eternity scarf. Not the warmest thing in your closet. But a nice accent piece for those outfits that need somthing and maybe for those girls that have offices that are in the arctic temps still. One made from  cotton lace, another from the remnants of some sweater material and the other a vintage cotton feed sac. They are thinner than average and very versitile.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Upcycled t-dresses for the littlest fashionista

      We have all seen what can be done to and with the wonders of an over sized t-shirt. And I am one who continues to be amazed at the creativity of others when it comes to upcycling vintage or whatever comes in the designers path. But theses were really fun and not like I would ideally prefer one to copy.....but fairly simple to construct. And check out the lil hambone modeling whata sport she was for her mamma.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Socks: the Overlooked Accessory

Sweet Marcel socks out of Portland are back for Fall at Vitae! The first crop are knee-hi's, great with boots or just about anything, and over the knee styles are coming soon.

Those of us that put in time in uniform at Parochial school well understand the power of the sock as a fashion statement. But have you considered lately, that all socks are not alike? Hopefully you can manage at least two in the daily mad-rush to get out the door, but that is not the point. Sweet Marcel socks are cute, cozy, and can set you apart....'cause they don't have them at Target, no-sirie.

We are Des Moines' exclusive outlet for this line and the supplies are limited, so be that girl - and be will rock them.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Birthday Time for Vitae!

You are invited to celebrate with us as we welcome our 3rd year together as Vitae Design Collective! We've loved and learned so much in this time, and have worked with some terrific folks. Seriously, we're more excited than ever to be involved in this DIY community which is growing up right along with us.

We're thankful to you all, and would love to share some cake with you - along with some specials, giveaways and booby prizes - wow it's strange to see that in writing.
Save the date! Bring a date! See you Friday, Sept 23rd from 6pm.