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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Every other year it comes around  - the Big Hair Ball, hosted by Art Noir at the Des Moines Art Center. 
It's basically a showcase for hair salons and their support teams to show their stuff - but there's nothing basic about it.  Hair wizardry, lets call it, is an art form. Or maybe it's magic. The BHB is this Saturday night, and this gala comes off as a true masquerade ball, as major transformation is a prerequisite for participants and audience members alike.  One must defy gravity, shape-shift and climb to the pinnacle of high fashion (in heels of course)...that and a ticket should get you in the door.  
The main attraction will be a spectacle of a runway show, which this year includes entries from independent hairdressers as well as a handful of heavy hitting salons. Also expect plenty of drinks, music from the Belin Quartet and DJ Jon Solarz, pop up salons and of course lots of drama;)  It's worth hacking up the ticket price (hairball reference) - this one is not to miss! 

Here's a link for advance ticket info:

Image courtesy of the Slumber Designs blog.

Monday, May 27, 2013

One of our makers, Andrew kingsbury of Decadence was recently invited to demonstrate his crafting technique on CW network's popular morning show Great Day.
 Upon viewing you might feel as I do that although he makes it look easy, it takes some strength, some sturdy tools and the know how to really pull it off.
 Decadence cuffs have a rugged experienced feel about them - as they should, being re cycled from belts and aged hardware.  Many pieces are for men or women, but even the delicate earrings and necklaces in this line convey a strength of (re) purpose and character we know you'll like.
  Find his stuff at Vitae, Market Day and at his Etsy shop DecadenceStyle and follow this link to see Andrew on TV:)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love and Devistation

So this is not a fashion post...unless you consider that fashion is in a bigger sense your style or manner of demeanor, which is at the core of all expression.  This week has been a whirlwind of beauty and despair.

Many are celebrating graduations, bringing grand events and milestones to fruition, and the season brings such beauty.  Hug that child,  listen,  love and be there for the good and drink it in.  It will make you strong and beautiful.

Our hearts are heavy with compassion for those ravaged by tornadoes and other life what you can by all means, if only to appreciate and love all that  is here before you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Acanthus Apparel Spring/Summer 2013

We have lots of great Acanthus Apparel for Spring and Summer in stock! There is even more coming!

Photos by Figment Art Photography

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

THIS Saturday!
The Fleming Bldg.
Door 8pm  Show 8:30

In celebration of Summer, Style and the Local Scene, The Accidental Industry Fashion Show is back for Thirdsees.  Mmmm, yup it's that good, and we have been working very hard  to present you with our best.

Be there for the big reveal as new collections are debuted -   amped up and glorified  through the work of  hair and make up professionals on models that already had it going on. Experience the living art of our industry as it thrives by no accident right here under your feet in the beautifully renovated Fleming building downtown.

You will see new designs from Burden Child, Dornink, Dame & Maiden and Magpie plus a special collection from your friends at Raygun. Tickets are $20. with a portion of proceeds going to the new skate park.

Click this link for more info. and to buy your tickets in advance.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Acanthus Apparel for Everyone!

Pick up an Acanthus shirt for yourself and then get one from our new children's collection! The bee t-shirt is also available in a men's style.

Monday, May 6, 2013

You Gotta Love a T Shirt Dress

One of our favorite perennials is back: Pink Revolver's hybrid stock creations.  Just add a little sunshine (and some coffee), and these things start to turn up at Vitae.

Melissa's been perfecting the T Shirt dress as long as we've known her & that would be omg 7 years at least.  These reconstructions have been elemental in defining and establishing just who we are & what we're doing here. It's also pretty telling of the designer herself - she wears them, and she whips them up with such fluidity you'd think it was isn't.
  I tried throwing one together recently "just for fun" and it quickly became a battle and ended in chaos.  Well, you can't force Rock & Roll as we all know, or the easy natural drape and femininity that creeps in and shows you what a rebel is - someone that owns it...and commands the world to fall in line.  You can't touch that.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Friday: Acanthus Apparel Trunk Show

The Acanthus Kids and Baby Collection is all set up for the First Friday Craft Crawl. Stop by tomorrow night from 5 to 8pm and pick up a cute kid or baby item or just something for yourself, there is plenty of new adult apparel on the racks as well.

Pink Revolver has also made a few adorable reconstructed kids dresses for the special occasion. A couple even have Acanthus prints on them! 

So don't let the weather keep you away tomorrow night. We hope to see a lot of people out and about supporting all of the great stores and crafters participating in this event.

For more information visit the event Facebook page...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Acanthus Apparel May Promotion

Starting today you will get entered to win a $50 Acanthus Apparel gift card with every Acanthus purchase in May! There are still more new items, restocked favorites and lots of cute kids items hitting the store this month so stop in and take advantage of this promotion. The summer Acanthus kids line will be available this Friday so join us for the Craft Crawl this Friday from 5 to 8pm.