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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Every other year it comes around  - the Big Hair Ball, hosted by Art Noir at the Des Moines Art Center. 
It's basically a showcase for hair salons and their support teams to show their stuff - but there's nothing basic about it.  Hair wizardry, lets call it, is an art form. Or maybe it's magic. The BHB is this Saturday night, and this gala comes off as a true masquerade ball, as major transformation is a prerequisite for participants and audience members alike.  One must defy gravity, shape-shift and climb to the pinnacle of high fashion (in heels of course)...that and a ticket should get you in the door.  
The main attraction will be a spectacle of a runway show, which this year includes entries from independent hairdressers as well as a handful of heavy hitting salons. Also expect plenty of drinks, music from the Belin Quartet and DJ Jon Solarz, pop up salons and of course lots of drama;)  It's worth hacking up the ticket price (hairball reference) - this one is not to miss! 

Here's a link for advance ticket info:

Image courtesy of the Slumber Designs blog.

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