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Monday, May 6, 2013

You Gotta Love a T Shirt Dress

One of our favorite perennials is back: Pink Revolver's hybrid stock creations.  Just add a little sunshine (and some coffee), and these things start to turn up at Vitae.

Melissa's been perfecting the T Shirt dress as long as we've known her & that would be omg 7 years at least.  These reconstructions have been elemental in defining and establishing just who we are & what we're doing here. It's also pretty telling of the designer herself - she wears them, and she whips them up with such fluidity you'd think it was isn't.
  I tried throwing one together recently "just for fun" and it quickly became a battle and ended in chaos.  Well, you can't force Rock & Roll as we all know, or the easy natural drape and femininity that creeps in and shows you what a rebel is - someone that owns it...and commands the world to fall in line.  You can't touch that.

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