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Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE Dress Ideas

More cute dress ideas from Pink Revolver, Skimpily Clawd, Beata Dirycz, Magpie Designs and Julia Lovan.
20% off all dresses through New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dress Sale

New Year's Eve is around the corner and we want you to have the perfect dress for your night out on the town.  We're offering 20% off all of our dresses through December 31st.  We have great selections from Suzabelle, Beata Dircyz, Magpie, Reasons to Celebrate, Julia Lovan, Pink Revolver and more!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Goodies at Vitae

We have so much new fun stuff at Vitae right now.  Perfect for youself or as a gift!

Since it is cold outside I was feeling the warmth inside with the Shu Shu Maus garters, Acanthus hoodies, Spacecraft hats and vintage boots.

Do you need an inexpensive gift for a friend, relative or co-worker?  We have you covered.  Check out the photo above for a few ideas all under $18.  Downtown Bow Brown knitted hair bows, Sweet Marcel knee high socks, Florence Oliver Iowa coin purses and Dani Awesome feather earrings.

Don't forget some flashy jewelry for all of the holiday parties.  We have lots of new pretties from Girl Friday and Shu Shu Maus.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Acanthus Fall Photo Shoot 2011

Recently the talented Jake and Joelle Blomberg of Figment Art Photo modeled and snapped some photos for Vitae.  Here are a couple of Acanthus Apparel items that were featured in the shoot.  To view more please visit the Acanthus blog,  All of these designs are available at Vitae.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trendy Not Spendy: Gifts for under $20.

                                                            Blue Daisy Hair Pins
                                                You can actually get 3 for under $20!

Mmm...sweet knee high socks from Sweet Marcel of Portland,
just $16.
Sassy and classy...earrings from Girl Friday range
$15. to $20.

Vitae has loads of stocking stuffers and nifty gift ideas at prices that are so thrifty, Santa sez "get something for yourself"!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Message and a Bottle

We've stumbled upon a fascinating little trend & thought we'd share: Necklaces with Mini bottles and trinket-treasures old and new.  Pictured are some lovelies from Be Joyful (left and right), and Dani Awesome (center).  Modestly priced at $45. and under, they're sure to be keepers.  Find them at Vitae now!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pink Revolver sweater collection

Everybody likes a cozy sweater....some of us have a addiction and buy one as often as she can....usually granny'esk or something 70's inspired.

These on the other hand are none of the above, well they are cozy. Each one is unique, draped and flowey, some are asymmetrical and a bit of a challenge to figure just gotta try it on and revel in the unique shape. Whether you wanna hide yourself in it or throw a belt on and give it more shape. These one of kind beauties are pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Esparto Studio: Living With Books

I personally prefer books to movies...both are valuable means of transport, to be sure.  There's something about the written word.  At it's best, reading a good book becomes a undemanding, unstated partnership - quiet and deep - writer and reader, thought and thinker.  The pace is managable.  One can dwell on a passage for a decade, or romp manically devouring chapters in "realtime".  The page is something you inhabit...once you go, you've been there.  I guess movies are hard for me because there's not much room for my thoughts...if I start daydreaming, I'm left behind.  

Books as functional art, takes things to a whole new level.  Fort Dodge's  Regina Smith of Esparto Studio transforms the printed word into unassuming jewelry, amplifying random words out of context...Hard bound jackets morph into clocks on the wall -  symbolic and friendly - like postcards from some inner landscape...hello friend, remember when?  Nostalgia pure and simple, with plenty of room for introspection.

You can find works like these from Esparto Studio at Vitae Design Collective, and also on her etsy page: .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girl Friday: Accessories That Define You

Same old hoops and studs got you down??  In a bit of a rut are we?  Well, here's an infusion of style that won't break the bank, though it may break a few rules.

Unconventional?  Yes. 
 Made for you - by a Girl that's got your back.

Girl Friday : Thank You - - whoever you are!!

Come check out  her line at Vitae now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion Show No Accident

The Accidental Industry Fashion show last Friday was a well orchestrated major fashion event, and nothing less.  Kudos to the Producers Lacy Brunnette, Lucy Shay and Sarah Jae, they pulled off one hell of a production.  Most of us, after we regained our speech, could only mutter "when's the next show"?????

Well, stay tuned kittens - it's in the works!

Pictured from the top:  An elaborate collar look from Shu Shu maus, a layered lace gown by Magpie, and a black lace cocktail dress by Pink revolver, both available at vitae ;)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Accidental Industry Fashion Show

It's FINALLY here! The Accidental Industry Fashion Show will be THIS Friday and we can hardly wait.  Lacy Brunnette, Lucy Shay and Sarah Jae Johnson have been dreaming, scheming and working nonstop to pull off what's looking to be a great event here in the East Village to kick off the holiday fashion season.  The focus is party wear, and that's essential this time of year.  Everyone knows, when you have the perfect dress lined up, the tinsel looks brighter, the cookies don't crumble and Santa's on his way.

Here's an exclusive: We asked Lacy/Lucy what was behind the name and here's the response.  The Accidental Industry Fashion Show is inspired by underground fashion and the accidental discoveries that lead to high fashion innovation driven by the passion of the artists and its curators.  Side note: I got into this business quite by accident, but that's just a coincidence, and a story for another time.

The show will feature collections from: Atomic Garage, Shu Shu Maus, Vitae Design Collective, Magpie, Raygun and Hill Vintage.  Hair By Atelier and Eyecandy Artistry will be on make up.

There will be a silent auction to benefit Geez Louise! Young Women's Organization, and Van Holmgren (who also did the poster) has been setting the scene as only he can.  Tickets are $12 at the door or $10 at Vitae and Raygun through Thursday evening.  There will be a cash bar and after party at the venue.  Must be 21+ to attend.

For more info check out the event Facebook page...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maude Wren: Jewels for an Old Fashioned Girl

Maude Wren.  Mod-ern.  Modern Renaissance.  There you go, the thought behind the name of Alicia Held-Morris's stunning jewelry line.  It may just as well have been named for her granny Maude, as many of the components of these treasure-works are from generations ago.

                                                             In retrospect, we see the value and integrity of what was then costume jewelry...not usually taken very seriously, not very expensive, so there was lots and lots of it.  Even at this level, by today's made in China in a hurry standards, these components are set apart as rarities and studies in fine design.  Sprinkle on some patina and a mark or two of "experience", and you've got the stuff legends are made of.  

 Alicia assembles her pieces in much the same she would lay out a room, for she is a student of interior you'll find your focal points, your nooks and fancies.  A well designed piece is something to feel confident in.  Something to come home to.  The Maude Wren line can be found at Vitae Design collective.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall scarves....not winter yet!

      With alittle help from the remnants department in my sewing room I put together these versions of the eternity scarf. Not the warmest thing in your closet. But a nice accent piece for those outfits that need somthing and maybe for those girls that have offices that are in the arctic temps still. One made from  cotton lace, another from the remnants of some sweater material and the other a vintage cotton feed sac. They are thinner than average and very versitile.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Upcycled t-dresses for the littlest fashionista

      We have all seen what can be done to and with the wonders of an over sized t-shirt. And I am one who continues to be amazed at the creativity of others when it comes to upcycling vintage or whatever comes in the designers path. But theses were really fun and not like I would ideally prefer one to copy.....but fairly simple to construct. And check out the lil hambone modeling whata sport she was for her mamma.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Socks: the Overlooked Accessory

Sweet Marcel socks out of Portland are back for Fall at Vitae! The first crop are knee-hi's, great with boots or just about anything, and over the knee styles are coming soon.

Those of us that put in time in uniform at Parochial school well understand the power of the sock as a fashion statement. But have you considered lately, that all socks are not alike? Hopefully you can manage at least two in the daily mad-rush to get out the door, but that is not the point. Sweet Marcel socks are cute, cozy, and can set you apart....'cause they don't have them at Target, no-sirie.

We are Des Moines' exclusive outlet for this line and the supplies are limited, so be that girl - and be will rock them.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Birthday Time for Vitae!

You are invited to celebrate with us as we welcome our 3rd year together as Vitae Design Collective! We've loved and learned so much in this time, and have worked with some terrific folks. Seriously, we're more excited than ever to be involved in this DIY community which is growing up right along with us.

We're thankful to you all, and would love to share some cake with you - along with some specials, giveaways and booby prizes - wow it's strange to see that in writing.
Save the date! Bring a date! See you Friday, Sept 23rd from 6pm.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trunk Show! Trunk Show! Trunk Show!

Shu Shu Maus is back at Vitae and we're so excited about it! Come and shop the latest from duo designers, April and Sarah Jae on Friday September 2nd from 5-8pm. They're bringing an assortment of goodies, from vintage to handmade one of a kind accessories. Whether you're a flapper girl or fly girl at heart, they have you covered.

So sip on some cheap champagne or enjoy the champagne of beers, while you check out their new Indian Summer collection here at Vitae.

For more info check out the facebook event page-

We hope to see everyone at Vitae for First Fridays in the East Village!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabrics and those who LOVE them

When it comes down to it, we have to - or get to - live with the choices we make, and a lot of what we do here at Vitae comes down to our our fabric stash and how we use it.

If you're out thrifting and you spot a character exhibiting odd behavior like holding an upside down t-shirt to their waist while obsessively guarding a cart overflowing with styles your Grandma wouldn't touch, you may be in the presence of a Reconstruct Artist.

A strange bird, their field of vision is expanded to see the possibilities of things. They are extremely tactile, and often do a finger scan of racks, hoping for a certain texture or weight relative to fabric content to jump up, their eyes doing the minimal scan for palate and pattern of print. Their sense of smell can be quite diminished - they are very forgiving of stinky.

Hemlines, necklines and ill placed pockets are but challenges to be overcome, mere symptoms of the pre-rescue condition. . If a garment is damaged, out of time or just needs a lift, an adept re-designer (not unlike a physician or counselor), makes an assessment, some mental recommendations, and the path to recovery is set.
Following that train of thought, if harvesting awesome buttons is the only humane thing to do, well...that's the cycle of fashion.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beata Dirycz

New merchandise is here from Los Angeles based independent designer Beata Dirycz from her latest collection. We have fun maxi dresses with gorgeous sheer fabric, a fun silk romper, and some playful tunic dresses. We are also caring her jewelry line for the first time. Beata's designs would be great for a date night, wedding, or outdoor event.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alternative Apparel at Vitae

We are happy to be offering a small selection of Alternative Apparel at Vitae. You've already seen and felt the soft fabrics and great fit of these clothes being used for Acanthus Apparel's designs, but now we are carrying a rack of basics from Alternative Apparel.

This short sleeve tee is probably the most comfortable item of clothing ever. Seriously. It's 90% Modal Silk Jersey and 10% Silk so it's super soft. The slouchy pocket is a great detail too. We are carrying the tees for $38. We have gray and white stripe and navy. We also have the gray and white stripe tank for $34.

We are also excited to be carrying this lovely black vintage-inspired floral V-Neck. The comfort of a tee shirt, with the fun of a pretty print! We really love the rolled sleeves. We have this one at the store for $38.

Keep your eyes open for some new merchandise from Alternative Apparel in the future, along with some other great labels coming to Vitae!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Featured in Juice

In this week's issue of Juice, 3 items from Vitae are featured in the write up about the new insect trend.

Read the full article here or pick up this weeks issue.
We carry even more merchandise in the store with creepy crawlers on it for both Men and Women so come in and catch them before the fly (or crawl) away!