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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabrics and those who LOVE them

When it comes down to it, we have to - or get to - live with the choices we make, and a lot of what we do here at Vitae comes down to our our fabric stash and how we use it.

If you're out thrifting and you spot a character exhibiting odd behavior like holding an upside down t-shirt to their waist while obsessively guarding a cart overflowing with styles your Grandma wouldn't touch, you may be in the presence of a Reconstruct Artist.

A strange bird, their field of vision is expanded to see the possibilities of things. They are extremely tactile, and often do a finger scan of racks, hoping for a certain texture or weight relative to fabric content to jump up, their eyes doing the minimal scan for palate and pattern of print. Their sense of smell can be quite diminished - they are very forgiving of stinky.

Hemlines, necklines and ill placed pockets are but challenges to be overcome, mere symptoms of the pre-rescue condition. . If a garment is damaged, out of time or just needs a lift, an adept re-designer (not unlike a physician or counselor), makes an assessment, some mental recommendations, and the path to recovery is set.
Following that train of thought, if harvesting awesome buttons is the only humane thing to do, well...that's the cycle of fashion.

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