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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Acanthus Snake Tee's and Tank's

We released our new design at the AIFS show last weekend.  Since then I have printed it on several different shirts for men and women.  Plus look for snake hoodies next week! Everything pictured is available at Vitae and on Etsy right now.

For the guys- American Apparel tri-coffee tri-blend tanks and a 50/50 American Apparel t-shirt in new silver. $24 each.

For the gals- Alternative Apparel Kimber tee, burnout and oversized for $32. I also have the snake racerback tank for $30.

Check out the snake t-dress. It was featured in the AIFS show last weekend. It's a great summer dress!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Acanthus Apparel Featuring Girl Friday

Before the AIFS show Acanthus and Girl Friday photographed their 8 fashion show looks.  All of the apparel is available now at Vitae and on Etsy, The Girl Friday jewelry is trickling in so make sure you stop by Vitae to get some of these summer looks.

Designers: Acanthus Apparel by Joshua and Alyssa Bowers, Girl Friday by Amber Hathaway
Stylist: Mayim Yael
Model: Natalia Trimnell
Hair Stylist: Amber Hathaway
MUA: Chloe Hall
Photography: Figment Art Photo

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Accidental Industry Fashion Show: The Aftermath

The Accidental Industry Fashion Show has come and gone and we have the scoop on the latest fashions!

For those of you who were lucky enough to be able to make a trip to the Brenton Skating Plaza this Saturday night, you've already seen the amazing talent of the designers and their fashions on the runway. If you weren't so lucky and didn't make the trip out, we understand!

We are here to give you a little peek at what went on and what fashions you can look forward to purchasing either in-store or from the designers themselves!

First up on the runway, Olivewood.

These and more of Olivewood's designs will be in store soon. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with the designer directly, follow this link to go directly to her Facebook page!

Next, we have Pink Revolver.

Pink Revolver has these and several more fun, flirty designs available in store now!

3rd we have Magpie.

Of course, Magpie has quite a few more selections in store now, but admit it- you've fallen in love with this dress already.

Next on the runway is Burden Child.

These and more designs by Burden Child are available in store for one week only! Hurry on in and snag your own one-of-a-kind design fast!

Next up is Acanthus.

Acanthus has these and more styles available in store now.

Right after Acanthus, RadMademoiselles hit the runway.

To buy these and more designs from RadMademoiselles, simply follow this link to arrive safely on her Facebook blog!

Finally, last but certainly not least we have Laura Rodriguez.

We have a very limited number of items from Laura Rodriguez, only available for one week, so hurry in before its too late! Also, feel free to message this designer directly by following this link to her Facebook page!

For more photos and information on how the event turned out, visit the Accidental Industry Fashion Show Facebook page and learn more!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Accidental Industry Fashion Show Preparations

Busy, exciting, and buzz-worthy.

Three words that describe Vitae Design Collective this week.

As we approach the Accidental Industry Fashion Show this Saturday, the ladies here at Vitae are busy making preparations and alterations, scheduling fittings, and making sure everything looks perfect for the runway.

No sneak peeks just yet, but we're absolutely positive you will be rushing into the store to find our fashions as soon as they step off the runway.

But don't just take our word for it- come to the Accidental Industry Fashion Show and see for yourself! There is limited seating available in the first and second rows, but don't you fret: general admission is available the day of the show for only $5.

The new collections will hit the floor the week of June 18th, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to love what you see.

And for those of you that can't wait to stop in, we are never too busy to entertain! Come by the store and see the great fashions we already have!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Accidental Industry Fashion Show

Summer 2012: Accidental Industry Fashion Show

Date: Saturday, June 16th
Location: Brenton Skating Plaza (Downtown, Des Moines)
Time: Doors open at 8:00pm | Show starts at 9:00pm
Vitae and RAYGUN ticket sales: VIP tickets are available at $20; All other tickets will be priced at $8 and $10
The Accidental Industry Fashion Show is a semiannual, independent production that showcases the creative spirit and high-fashion design of Des Moines and the Midwest. It was originally founded and produced by Lucy Shay, Sarah Jae and Lacy J. Brunnette.

Visit Accidental Industry  as well as our Facebook page for more information and updates!