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Monday, December 6, 2010

Purses are an easy gift .

Every girl in the world owns atleast a few purses.....right? It can't be just me with a closet full. And every girl has her favorite for sure whether it be a conventional over your shoulder purse or a giant [cant find anything in this dang thing] sac. There is something out there for everybody. And here at Vitae we have all those choices and then some.
Happy Holiday Shopping!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stocking Stuffers!

We have some fun new items at Vitae that would be great to put in your Christmas stockings!

Introducing Shu Shu Maus : a collaborative effort from April Johnson and Sarah Jae.

20's inspired accessories for the outragously reckless scamp in all of us. You'll find hand peiced necklaces, seamed stockings and luxurious and flirty leg garters to hold it all together -also great with your over the knee socks!

The ever-popular (Heart) Iowa pouches from Monster Fashion are here and ready to stuff your stockings!

Flaunt your flair with a feather in your hair...don't quote me on that EVER, but DO check out these Little Pretties feather combs and more from Cara Veeder.

1st Friday Fun! December 3rd

First Friday is tomorrow night from 6-8pm in the East Village. December's much anticipated project: Paper Garlands! Learn to make these colorful keepsakes for the holidays and beyond...bring your own scrapbook paper & Stephanie Bracelin will show you the ropes...or the string or whatever...I'm just in charge of treats (can you say chocolate Kahlua cake??).