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Friday, January 31, 2014


 Luxe Debris is an Iowa made line of jewelry 
from Carissa Starleaf.
With prices topping out at just $22.,  you can treat yourself to more than one.  

Come check out the collection at Vitae today:)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Under-Celebrated: Groundhog Day

Oh how we hunger this time of year.  

The primal body wants more body fat,  the mind wants distraction and the spirit longs for hope. 

Well thank God for the Super Bowl and Ground Hog Day.        
Have some processed cheese dip!  Make and share some insane critter cupcakes! 

We're gonna make it - no matter the outcome, 
because these crazy traditions mark our progress toward seasons that do not suck:)

Photo courtesy of
obviously based in a cold climate.

Friday, January 17, 2014


We're lucky to have such a great selection of hand knit items at Vitae, 
and we're not shy about sharing them with you on the blog.
Every once in awhile something really innovative comes along, and often it's our friend Gina aka
Downtown Bow Brown that's behind it...or ahead of it, as the case may be.

The new cowl scarves from DTBB are a clever variation on her necklace scarf design - like those, they offer styling choices that a traditional scarf may not, combined with the serious coverage we sometimes need in a nice manageable package. 
 The back is a full 10" in height, and can be worn opened up or folded over nice and neat....but it doesn't stop there.  You can wear it double thick all around, or let the front drape as you will in layers.
 Another option is to wear one band over the ears, and let the other cowl around the neck. 
 What? I know!  She's always thinking, that one.   There are several colors to choose from - there's even one for Hawkeye fans.  We're showing a couple of the neutral ones here. Nice for Guys and gals.

Monday, January 13, 2014

To Love

Show her she has had your heart from the very start with a neckless designed by Vanezza With Two ZZs. Not sure what to get her? Grab a card and a gift certificate so you can insure she gets exactly what she wants. Whatever the gift may be, find the perfect Valentines Day gift for her at Vitae. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bubble Ball 2014

The Bubble Ball is an annual event in which artists' stationary or runway-ready interpretations on a chosen theme via the medium of Bubble Wrap are presented and auctioned off to benefit the worthy programs of Childserve, a local agency that works with children in the Autism spectrum.

A harbinger of Spring, the event is a well attended gala for a well deserving bunch.  It's also liberating and challenging to the artists and their support teams for obvious reasons...who doesn't want to play with yards and yards of Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape?  It's a great way to beat the Winter blues & jump into a fine creative community...... and it's time to get popping!!

The time is NOW if you are considering getting involved on any level.  Though the program is open and B.W. is provided, there are steps you should be taking to assure participation.  The co-ordinators are thoughtful and responsive, and we artists must do the same by attending the kick off event where questions are answered, snacks are nibbled and supplies are distributed.  There is a great theme this year  and to avoid duplication, a system is in place to sort out who's doing what.  To do this, you need to get in the email loop asap, and keep the evening of Jan. 30th open for the meet & greet. 

Please email (our contact person)  if you are an Iowa artist up for some serious fun:) 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Layer on the Goodness

Well, there's no denying it's Winter in the Midwest... 2  or 3 people actually like it, and most just endure and make the most of it.  It helps to have a strategy, and here are some tips you may want to try. 
First of all, give some attention to all 5 senses intentionally.  Wear comfortable clothing that is warm and flattering.  A hoodie from Acanthus Apparel fits the bill it most any situation.  Like a cocoon of cotton and rayon to insulate you from the chill and drear until you can emerge new and improved in the Spring. 

Employ scented soaps and candles that elevate you through the sense of smell.  I enjoy all things lemon, the citrusy brightness never fails to cut through the gloom, and the freshness of the salty sea when properly captured, can offer a quick escape to far off shores.

The new year is a great time to hang some new art in the homestead, something that evokes the tone for journeys ahead, for now is the time to plan and dream.

It's also empowering to expand your musical horizon, it's great to hit the turntable with your favorites - but consider turning the table with some new sounds and start a revolution in your soul.  I recommend the playlist we use at Vitae:  Every month they amaze us with fresh picks and spoil us with a great mix.  We stream need to subscribe or download if you don't want to.

Hmm...the sense of taste.  It's Winter, so give in a little.  Enjoy in the richness of stews and baked goods. Try some new things and balance out indulgences with a side of endorphins - that is, will feel, and you will be amazing.

 It's kind of kooky, but I will share a little mind game I am using to give some measure to the seemingly endless post holiday pre-awesome weather season....think of this time as a long flight to Hawaii - about 8 hours from Iowa.  It's essentially 8 weeks till we turn the corner towards Spring.  More actually, but once February is behind us we're in the clear.   Each week delivers us 1 hour closer to our destination if you play along.   Do something significant each week to mark the time....something that will blossom into awesomeness with a little coaxing.  Set some things in motion...for we are moving toward it, whatever it may be.  Happy New Year!  Welcome 2014, sooo glad to meet you:)