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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bubble Ball 2014

The Bubble Ball is an annual event in which artists' stationary or runway-ready interpretations on a chosen theme via the medium of Bubble Wrap are presented and auctioned off to benefit the worthy programs of Childserve, a local agency that works with children in the Autism spectrum.

A harbinger of Spring, the event is a well attended gala for a well deserving bunch.  It's also liberating and challenging to the artists and their support teams for obvious reasons...who doesn't want to play with yards and yards of Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape?  It's a great way to beat the Winter blues & jump into a fine creative community...... and it's time to get popping!!

The time is NOW if you are considering getting involved on any level.  Though the program is open and B.W. is provided, there are steps you should be taking to assure participation.  The co-ordinators are thoughtful and responsive, and we artists must do the same by attending the kick off event where questions are answered, snacks are nibbled and supplies are distributed.  There is a great theme this year  and to avoid duplication, a system is in place to sort out who's doing what.  To do this, you need to get in the email loop asap, and keep the evening of Jan. 30th open for the meet & greet. 

Please email (our contact person)  if you are an Iowa artist up for some serious fun:) 

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