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Monday, November 21, 2011

Esparto Studio: Living With Books

I personally prefer books to movies...both are valuable means of transport, to be sure.  There's something about the written word.  At it's best, reading a good book becomes a undemanding, unstated partnership - quiet and deep - writer and reader, thought and thinker.  The pace is managable.  One can dwell on a passage for a decade, or romp manically devouring chapters in "realtime".  The page is something you inhabit...once you go, you've been there.  I guess movies are hard for me because there's not much room for my thoughts...if I start daydreaming, I'm left behind.  

Books as functional art, takes things to a whole new level.  Fort Dodge's  Regina Smith of Esparto Studio transforms the printed word into unassuming jewelry, amplifying random words out of context...Hard bound jackets morph into clocks on the wall -  symbolic and friendly - like postcards from some inner landscape...hello friend, remember when?  Nostalgia pure and simple, with plenty of room for introspection.

You can find works like these from Esparto Studio at Vitae Design Collective, and also on her etsy page: .

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