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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maude Wren: Jewels for an Old Fashioned Girl

Maude Wren.  Mod-ern.  Modern Renaissance.  There you go, the thought behind the name of Alicia Held-Morris's stunning jewelry line.  It may just as well have been named for her granny Maude, as many of the components of these treasure-works are from generations ago.

                                                             In retrospect, we see the value and integrity of what was then costume jewelry...not usually taken very seriously, not very expensive, so there was lots and lots of it.  Even at this level, by today's made in China in a hurry standards, these components are set apart as rarities and studies in fine design.  Sprinkle on some patina and a mark or two of "experience", and you've got the stuff legends are made of.  

 Alicia assembles her pieces in much the same she would lay out a room, for she is a student of interior you'll find your focal points, your nooks and fancies.  A well designed piece is something to feel confident in.  Something to come home to.  The Maude Wren line can be found at Vitae Design collective.

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