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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Donate for a Discount

We love this time of year for many reasons  and celebrate in many ways.  One tradition we have here in the East Village is the Holiday Window Decorating Contest in which the shops "compete" in a judged event.  The votes have been cast and we'll see what the outcome will be, but there's more to it than that.  This year the theme is "Shine A light", and we were encouraged to highlight a charity of our choice.  Anyone that knows Vitae knows that we loves us some puppies (and kitties too)!  Anyone that knows us a little better is aware of our respect for the no-kill shelters in our area and the great work they do.  Furry Friends in West Des Moines was our unanimous choice, and we are so pleased to "shine a light" on them!

Our good friend Amber Hathaway designed and installed our adorable window display, and we may very well win.  What's important to us at this point though, is to not only raise awareness of the Furry Friends Refuge, but to offer tangible support.  (Here's where YOU come in!)  Please bring in an item form the list above, and you will not only be making a big difference in the lives of some little ones, but you will get a Vitae discount certificate that you can use at the time of your donation or anytime in December.  We will also gladly accept cash donations for them.  If you have a heart to - they are also looking for volunteers, and if you are looking to should definitely look to Furry Friends.  

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