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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Designer Q&A: Sarah Johnson

Meet Sarah Johnson, the designer behind Rock N Reconstruct. She is talented, creative, and thoughtful about her designs. You can find her clothing available for sale at the shop. Read on to find out Sarah’s definition of style, trends she finds overexposed, and her future views on Rock N Reconstruct.

Introduce yourself 
Hey! I'm Sarah! I design and produce the label Rock N Reconstruct. Nice to meet you!

How did you get started?
It all started with my love of vintage clothing. I would find the coolest t-shirt or dress, but it would be too big or to long so I would start cutting things down and hand sew or tie pieces of fabric together to make it more girly and my style. Eventually I got a sewing machine and would try to make the outfits I could picture in my head. Eventually everyone would ask me where I got the stuff I was making and it just kind of evolved from there. Living in Los Angeles and seeing firsthand how fashion is produced and working with other young designers helped me learn the business and become a designer.

What are you up to now?
I am designing/selling/producing my line full time. I am busier than ever and building a bigger following every day. It’s pretty amazing and I love what I do.

What statement is a person making when wearing your clothes?
I think they are making whatever statement they want based on who they are and how they style it. I feel the designs can be interpreted many ways by many different kinds of women…from hipsters to fashionistas.

How do you define style/What is your personal fashion/style philosophy?
Style comes from within…I feel like style can't be bought… you can buy something for 49 cents and look good if you have enough style and know how to pair it with things to make it look amazing. Some of my best outfits were either free or $5 and under.

Your top style essentials are…?

  • Vintage tees
  • High quality leggings
  • Good pair of boots
  • Fur collars with leather jackets
  • Raybans

With the exception of leggings I've been wearing all of the above since high school and I still wear them 13 years later. Timeless.

What’s in and what’s out?
IN: What is in is the 90s.
OUT: What is out is neon anything. Unless they are vintage Nikes or something neat.

Where do you see your line in 5 years?
I love where I'm at right now as I work full time from home and sell online direct to customers, which gives me a one on one relationship with them and allows me to make the clothes specifically for their sizing needs. I hope to get another licensing deal in the next year as well so my designs can reach a bigger audience. I've dabbled with the idea of a storefront, but we will see. I just love working at home too much! At this time I don't have time to man a storefront as I am sewing and sourcing all day. Plus I like to listen to music really loud when I work!

Favorite Current Trend?
I've never been super trendy as I know they live and die and aren't lasting pieces for your wardrobe, but if I have to pick I'd say red lips and braided hair.

Trend that you are sick of/could do without/overexposed?
Hipster Hats aka little black rimmed hats or top hats etc worn on the back of the head… hate hate hate. Also anything mustache related needs to end now.

Your collection/brand in 3 words?
Fun, Attention-grabbing, Unique

Vitae is…
A really neat shop everyone should check out

Des Moines is…
My home and I love it!

What’s next for you?
The possibilities are endless!

How can readers contact you

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