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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Designer Q&A: Julie Punelli

Meet Julie, the designer behind Magpie. She is talented, fun to speak with, and has a great eye for vintage finds! You can find her designs at the shop. Read on to find out what she thinks of Des Moines, her favorite trends, and how she defines style!

Introduce yourself  
I am Julie Punelli, and I started the Magpie line a long time ago.
How did you get started?
What I am doing comes out of a long suffering need to redesign things, which really kicked in when I worked in a vintage clothing store - so many little improvements you can make to salvage a piece and get it back out there in circulation. I enjoy original design and have some great materials. I guess I'm a little shy about it, being self taught & all.

What are you up to now?

Presently I am going through my collection of potentials (projects, things to upcycle, materials) and am making some decisions to free up space in my work area and my mind. I'm sure it's all in a hoarder's recovery handbook somewhere.  It feels great so far.

What statement is a person making when wearing your clothes?
I think my stuff is for the old souls out there that have an attachment to previous eras and appreciate the integrity of the materials.
How do you define style/What is your personal fashion/style philosophy?
I define style as confidence basically, and enough self knowledge to really express yourself visually.  Personally, I like to blend in with some basics in solid colors. I enjoy styling other people &  have definite ideas when given the opportunity, but it's not in my nature to criticize what someone has going on...I have a lot of respect for individuality.

Your top style essentials are…?

For me: 
  • some well fitting jeans
  • lace up boots and
  • 2 or 3 layers on top.
When I go out (rarely) I like to bust out something from my vintage collection. This winter I am finally wearing hats and am enjoying that.
What’s in and what’s out?
Now this is tricky. My background in the vintage tradition has taught me so much about the fashion cycles and I do have a knack for forecasting, which is fun.  Where it really works against me as a designer is that it's like a big merry go round that doesn't stop & my tendency is to just stand back and wave.  There are silhouettes I prefer over others right now - personally, I like hemlines and cuts that are close to the body and natural waistlines with a leeway of 2 inches above or below that. 
Where do you see your line in 5 years?
Well, I hope there will be more of it!  I plan to stay true to my vision and allow myself to develop better working habits and just have better output. 
Favorite Current Trend?
I can't seem to get enough pullover tops and or slim sweatshirts
Trend that you are sick of/could do without/overexposed?
Again - tricky for me, because it's like the cycles and possibilities are kaleidoscopic & I don't like to judge...but I'll admit I am not fond of bell bottoms, cinched or crossover bust lines or tight t shirts.  I am also annoyed at the amazing shoes with impossible heels - it's unnatural and cruel
Your collection/brand in 3 words?
Past, Present, Future.
Vitae is…
Relevant and great. We facilitate the exposure and growth of independent designers to the marketplace.
Des Moines is…
Some kind of portal of awesomeness

What’s next for you?

I like the path I'm on. It's fun to work in this supportive creative community.
How can readers contact you?
Through Vitae, absolutely.

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