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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Your Fall 2012 Trends at Vitae!

Several fashion websites have got you covered on the latest fall trends. Luckily, WE’VE got you covered on how to get those trends closer to home! Catch some of the fall 2012 trends mentioned on with a unique and local spin right here at Vitae.  

Patterned Skirt
Patterns are a great way to keep your fall wardrobe fresh and fun. Try out this Pink Revolver skirt - $42  

Colorful Socks Fun socks to stay warm and to have peeking over your boots. Sweet Marcel Ankle & Knee High Socks - $10 and $15

Cozy Cardigan
Nothing says fall like a comfy cardigan. Throw this one over your dresses, tees and more. Vintage Lady Van Heusen cardigan - $22


Bright Belts
Add a pop of color to the usual muted hues that are associated with fall. Vintage belts -$12 to $28

Graphic Pullover 
Stand out in this cozy Acanthus Apparel pullover - $30


Estate Sale Earring
Unique earrings add an interesting touch to any fall outfit. Girl Friday $20

Oxblood Colored Jeans
Definitely on trend this fall, but we’ve got a different outlook on how to wear the deep, rich, oxblood color. Vintage 1970’s Oxblood Leather Cape - $70

Contrast Sleeve Motor Jacket
This jacket is sure to keep you stylish while keeping you warm. Vintage 1970’s Cropped Leather/Rabbit Jacket - $65

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