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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Designer Q&A: Julia LoVan

Meet Julia LoVan, the woman behind J. LoVan Designs, Trouvés and modeling agent at LVN Models. She is a ton of fun to hang out with, energetic, and talented. You can find her work (bowties & dresses) at our shop. Read on to find out Julia’s thoughts about Des Moines, tired fashion trends and what she has next for Vitae!

Introduce yourself 
I’m a designer and an agent for a new modeling and talent agency called LVN Models. 

How did you get started? 
My Mom is a seamstress. I grew up sewing random items by hand (Barbie clothes, pillowcases) I remember going to the library, checking out magazines and just reading every single thing. I would even read the advertisements. I was studying the pages, and I realized that others would just flip through the magazines. I had never thought I could have a career in fashion, living in the Midwest, so I just did sports and thought about being a teacher and a coach. 

Other major fashion demarcations are my college internship in London with Zandra Rhodes Enterprises, my jobs at Chan Luu and Core Clothing, helping start Hope in the City and being a part of LA Fashion Week and at the same time being able to work with some great groups like Falling Whistles, Raven + Lily, Mike Colon photography, and showing my line at Project Ethos fashion show in Hollywood which got me on the cover of California Apparel News.

What are you up to now?
I make gift items like bowties, doggie bowties, greeting cards, and soy candles through my company Trouvés, I’m still making some clothing, and I model scout for LVN Models.

What statement is a person making when wearing your clothes?
The first thing that comes to mind is that they buy local! I guess someone who likes to be unique and classy…in reference to my bowties and wrap dresses. 

How do you define style? What is your personal fashion/style philosophy?
Simplicity. Keep it simple, because I think if you have a few good quality garments, you can mix and match and you can spend your money on something else. Donate it, instead of buying a lot of cheap garments that will break in one season. Also, having pieces that can transition from season to season. I actually don’t buy or make myself a ton of clothes. 

Your top style essentials are…?
  • A good, classic, short jacket, like a denim or leather motorcycle style jacket.
  • A trench coat, like a Burberry trench coat.
  • A good pair of dark denim slim pants.  
  • A button down oxford shirt, in a loose style, like a boyfriend fit, or for boys just a regular one.
  • Fair trade diamond jewelry. I’m not a fan of cheap jewelry, that you don’t know who made it. If you have beautiful diamond earrings, you feel beautiful and you can keep those forever. Fair trade though! Or passed down to you.  

What’s in?  What’s out?
IN: Buying fair trade goods or locally made goods. You know whose hands made it. It’s not benefiting some huge corporation.   OUT: Wearing leggings as pants!  

Where do you see your line in 5 years?
Trouvés: I see my Trouvés candles in a lot of homes. Celebrities. Politicians. Desmond Tutu’s house! The Beckhams! And that’s what I really think about, because I love non-toxic soy candles. And I don’t want to pay so much for soy candles. So I was like, “I’ll make them myself!” And then I was like, “I can sell them!” I am really a green freak. The non-soy candles, they are really bad for you. Mine are all natural and so I just wanted my friends and my family to have that. I really believe in my candles. Even just giving them as gifts, I just want people to have them!  It would be nice if they were in Target or Pottery barn. LVN Models: I’d like to be able to scout some great top models out of the Midwest. 

Favorite Current Trend?  
I’m digging the printed trouser. I’m actually probably going to make some for Vitae in the coming weeks. 

Trend that you are sick of/could do without/overexposed?  
Taking photos with your hand on your hip!    

Your collection/brand in 3 words?  
Clothing: Timeless, Unique, & Affordable  

Vitae is… 

Des Moines is…  
Up & coming    

What’s next for you?  
Really focusing on working with LVN Models and I want to find the best, unknown faces in the DSM area. Also, continuing to work on Trouvés. 

How can readers contact you?

A big thank you to Julia LoVan! Be sure to visit her websites and check out her designs at Vitae Design Collective.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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Kyung Joo Lee said...

Great article! I hate leggings as pants too. Thanks for making that public Julia! lol