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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pictures do say a million words! Sorry I dont have any.

Summer, oh the sorrow of it's departure. Tiny summer dress's and strappy lil sandels tucked away in your closet until next year. Oh BUT do they really have to be?

We all know the wonders of leggings and tights and boots [oh my!] Now is the delightful time of year to bust those bad boys out and mix it up! Layering is not going to go away from our midwestern fashion expressions. I do believe it's a national phenomenon!
So ladies dont toss those little flowery frocks in the back of your closets just yet.

You might even want a new one that might be on sale at your locally owned boutiques!!!
Layer those lil numbers with some warmth and you can get another month atleast outta your summer wardrobe.

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