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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Events get you out there!

No, we can't participate in everything...not possible. Sometimes it seems we have 3 invites plus a wedding every time the weekend rolls around. Then comes along a feel-good event that invigorates and inspires a stroll through the village on a sunny afternoon in the company of family and friends...and the vibe is good. Creativity and optimism abound and you realize - not for the first time , that to make a difference sometimes all you have to do is be there. Artisans and entrepreneurs are working hard at things they love and hope you will too.

The East Village Sunday Market Bazaar is an event that celebrates our community at it's core. It's people that make stuff and provide things lovingly and personally as an alternative shopping experience. Soon enough, winter will come & outdoor Fall afternoon events will be but a memory...let's make it a good one...lets make a lot of them while we can! The Bazaar runs every Sunday from 12 to 4pm through Oct. 31st. on E. 5th in the East Village. Many shops are also open, and vendors alternate and vary from week to week. Here at Vitae, we're taking the opportunity to clean out our craft cupboards and closets of accumulated Vintage and kitsch & will be sharing these wares up front on jumble tables on Bazaar Sundays for a special treat!

See you and you and you! Oh, and our First Friday Craft project will be announced soon - but we've got the snack figured out ;) - pumpkin bars!!

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