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Monday, August 4, 2014

E.V. Sunday Bazaar 2014 Has Begun!

What was once a Fall event here in the East Village, has been revitalized and morphed into a late Summer delight.  It remains a weekly happening (running for 2 months) and is still 12 - 4 on Sunday afternoons...but something's changed, and it's hard to put a finger on.  
The Bazaar has a new glimmer and spark - and we suspect that's owing to the crew at Vanity & Glamour, The Blazing Saddle and friends on the East end - dare we say the "Wild Side" (ala Lou Reed) of the E.V. neighborhood.  If Patrick Boltinghouse is involved, it's going to be fun, beautiful and vibrant...basically, the event got glitter bombed - in the nicest sense of the term:)
So come down for a stroll, bring the family - furry & all  and shop an ever changing host of vendors offering homemade, fresh picked, gloriously old and undeniably delicious in the Village where we live, love and shop.


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