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Monday, March 28, 2011

Why We Heart Vintage

I am not a "foodie" , a musician, a film maker or an event planner...but thank God for the folks that are passionate about these things so I can eat, listen to and be generally enriched by them. I like to make clothing out of vintage materials and to stumble upon vintage finds and bring them to the light. As a designer, the quality and rarity of vintage materials is as close as I'll come for some time, to the most expensive exclusive choices available to those at the top. As a buyer, I really really enjoy investing in my instincts and waiting for the bloom...the guy or gal that's brave enough to blaze a fashion trail and pick up on the lead. I suppose these trends are in the magazines, eventually they are...and ultimately the mall. But with vintage, you rock because you can have the best - first. It's a thing...and I'm more than happy to do my part.

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