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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something Good

Lilly is a little one that we can help a lot just by eating hot wings and sporting a cool T shirt. Things we do every day, right? At least on a good day when the laundry's done and we have a couple of bucks for a blast of goodness with a side of ranch. We fight for Lilly is a small scale local campaign to benefit a family in need. Josh "Jay-O" Ansah of Jay Tees Apparel has put this together because he's a good guy - an entrepreneur and a fighter who likes the concept of BECAUSE. BE...with a CAUSE. Do what you do, but don't forget that actions have purpose, and intentions are powerful. His "I RUN" t-shirt line has been wildly successful here at Vitae. It appeals to track stars and marathoners of course, but the appeal is wider than that - we all run - we run errands, run after children, run businesses, run in circles. So do what you do & try to make it matter. The "I Fight" line has a similar appeal, and for a short time Vitae is carrying special edition"I Fight For Lilly" t-shirts. The guys at 8/7 Central came on board with their screen printing skills, and we are happy to allow all proceeds to go directly to the cause of Lilly. Be Cause.

All day on March 16th, 10% of sales at Buffalo Wild Wings (Merle Hay Location) will go to the fund for Lilly as well. So be a champ and look sharp while indulging in some good food. Do it for the kid & make it count;)

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