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Friday, May 23, 2014

Bring Flowers to the Weekend BBQ!

These outfits are great for spending time outside enjoying the sun. The floral top is trending this Spring, along with the maxi skirt. We are not in the California sun, but we can pretend with this Cali/floral dress. Accessories is a must this season, both outfits are paired with necklaces to accent the colors in the floral prints. With these items at Vitae you can show up to events fashion forward this Spring!

                                                    Floral tank and maxi skirt:  Magpie
                                                    Pastel pink necklace: Girl Friday
                                                   Cali/floral dress: Pink Revolver
                                                   Triangle necklace: Luxe Debris
                                                   We also have a lot of cute sunglasses!

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