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Saturday, March 15, 2014


With it's Blue polka dots and cheery pop of Yellow, the Elena dress from Dear Creatures pretty much epitomizes the month of March - lovely rain plops and lots of sunny sunshine. 

Before we even opened the box we had already decided that:

1. It's time for stripes to move on over - dots are BACK, with their optimism and general adorableness...we need them in our life.

2. YELLOW IS A POWER COLOR and we really should be embracing it right now.  You may be convinced that you "can't wear Yellow",  but think again.  Entertain the thought that we are in constant flux, and that our personal colors CAN change not only by the calendar, but also to larger and more etherial cycles. 

Don't always use the same crayons!  Have another try with Yellow and if you're still convinced it's  a no go - try softening the impact with a scarf, collar or SOMETHING of a compatible color at the neckline.  Sometimes that's all it takes & you're open to some awesome new fashion adventures.

The Elena is just one of soooo many new things at Vitae - stop in and stay tuned to the blog for more peeks!

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