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Friday, December 20, 2013

Give Them That Warm Fuzzy Feeling!

Mmmmm, the bandana scarf from Whitly Craft Works 

Whitly Craft Works Pom Hat,  Downtown Bow Brown Pull Through Infinity Scarf and Bow,
Julia Pinkerton Arm Warmers

 Downtown Bow Brown Necklace Scarves

God Bless the knitters! ...and the Bakers, the Soup Makers, and those people that chop Firewood and bundle it for us and sell it at the gas station.  They make our lives warm and cozy just by doing what they love...I for one am not planning to ever learn to knit - it seems to involve counting and keeping track of things (shudder) - no thanks!  Yet is the essence of home made, and it's just one of those things I'm glad I don't have to do for myself   or be faced with the not lovingly made mass produced varieties.. which are acceptable & all that, but hand knits are..... divine:)

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