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Monday, November 11, 2013

Crafty Kitchen Gifts

 The best gifts are things you would want for yourself, and that was our guiding rule in sourcing gifty what-nots for the shop this season.  When we  stumbled upon Oh, Little Rabbit from the Portland area, we knew we were on to something...we wanted it all.  
    I swear Portland is the unofficial sister city to Des Moines. When we get shoppers  from out Oregon way, it's like a soul re-union.  They get us, and we get them. It must be a creative, progressive, nice gene or something.  Oh, Little Rabbit is a small husband and wife company with amazing line drawings screen printed on organic cotton using eco friendly water based inks.  Check, check BOOM, you're welcome. 

 Some of the tea towel images include Paul Bunyan (and Babe),  a vintage camera and a circus elephant - 3 of our favorite things, and oh so gender neutral.

Yes, that is a squirrel.  On a reusable lunch bag. Well played little rabbit, you had us at schooner ship.
p.s. we also have baby onesies from these folks...more on that later!

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