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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Re-Imagining a World

 JJ & JoJo is a line of made up things.
 We have always been a fan of upcycling and reconstruct, but Jen of JJ & JoJo seems to take the child's perspective.  We can just picture the day that playtime sparked a real life adventure.  "What if we made daddy's old shirt into a dress today??"
  Maybe it was a snow day and a trip to the fabric store was out of the question...we don't quite know just how it went down, but it's plain to see that Jen gets kids and has the skills and fashion savvy to concoct a little magic.

Children today are more fashion aware - in this world of instagram and hipster heroes, seriously, Garanamals just won't do.   We spoke with a customer recently whose toddler longs for "big girl clothes"... not for dress up  but for real -  street style looks like mom has.   Come on, they know...they're more intuitive than your smartphone  and are ready to hit the playgroup with the sizzle and steam of a budding fashionista.
On the tag of each creation is a photo depicting the article in it's former state...pre-magic and wonder. 
  You'll find dresses, tops, scarves, hats. leggings and jackets in sizes 18 mos. to 6/7 youth, so  grab the girls and come shopping at Vitae soon:) 

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