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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food Matters...

Well, here we are - it's finally Summer in the heartland, when our hearts turn towards healthy eating, gardening and the like.  Many of us are also cognizant of the political aspects of farming, consuming and eating.  Wherever you're coming from, some of these doings may be of interest to you.

The above urban farming tour is pretty self explanatory.  If you go to as I did, you'll find that they are a resource for things like community gardens, co-ops, matching surplus with need and other worthy endeavors.

The author of the book Foodopoly is speaking TONIGHT (Weds, 6/19) at Beaverdale Books at 6:30. Among other things, this book serves as a wake up call to the changing dynamics of farming, GMO and Pharma influences, and the need for grass roots involvement and change.

The emblem below is just cute - damn cute. Go bacon.

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