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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Best and the Rest

Patrick and friends of Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics

It's a tradition! Local weekly City View has hosted the annual Best of Des Moines awards, and not surprisingly the East Village has fared well.  
The stakes aren't really high, so it's a friendly competition - nice if you win & the buffet is always pretty classy.
E.V. placed first as the Best Shopping District and Runner Up in 2 other catagories - yay!
Here's a run down of our neighbors in the winner's circle  for 2013:
Best Place to Buy Makeup - Vanity & Glamour
Best Spa AND Best Place to Get Yer Nails Done - East Village Spa
Best Sushi - Miyabi 9
Best Live Music Venue - Wooly's (also runner up for something #sloppynotes:/)
Best Local Family Restaurant - Zombie Burger & Drink Lab ( also placed tops in several other catagories including Best Appetizers, Best Fries, and Local Burger & Best Local Restaurant)
Best Bar Tender - Lime Lounge (runner up in to other slots)
Best Place to Get Drunk For Cheap - The Blazing Saddle (placing 2nd in 3 other areas)
Best Chiropractor - Pulley Chiropractic Hlth Ctr.

Runner's up from the East Village:
Luna Bistro, Found things, Aimee, Hill Vintage & Knits, Raygun, Locust tap, Peep Toe,  Abra Pulley, Ichi Bike, The Garden, Sticks, HOQ, our friends Ben Easter, Meagan Tron who are not really location specific - so we claim them.

Big Congrats to all!!
Editorial notes : We're glad Jackie Schmelling got her hair figured out.
Why does Hy vee always win Best Chinese?
Would the sponsoring mag best known for "mug shots" win if there were a category for Best Free Weekly?? 

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Joy Hockensmith said...

HyVee gets voted best Chinese for the number of its employees that are encouraged to vote so. Add that to the number of other Chinese restaurants and they'll lead. We should all next year pick a place and vote for them en masse