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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recycle Your Style

Whether you swap it out or reconstruct it on site - take charge of your wardrobe and change it up at this annual event.

It's almost time for the 4th annual Des Moines area international phenomenon of alternative shopping and DIY workshops brought to us locally by artists Kelsey Blessman, Stephanie Bracelin, and a handful of dedicated volunteers.

Here's the concept:  bring $10. and any size bag of clothing to swap.  These will be sorted into types for easy shopping, and there you go...swap it out.  I have personally found killer designer jeans, vintage t shirts, and great dresses to wear and upcycle - which leads to the other component of the event :  there are sewing and screen printing stations where you can hop on a machine, learn a new skill or have a more seasoned crafter make it happen to order.  In the past, there have been felting workshops, as well as beading and other crafty endeavors to explore. And the supplies!! cool vintage and unusual fabric remnants, buttons & who knows what are there for the swapping too.

 The event is what you make it - that is, if you have a skill, consider sharing your expertise - if not this time around, then perhaps at s.o.r.r. 5.  It will come around again, like a lovely thrifty/crafty carousel.

Check out this year's Swap-o-rama-rama Sat. 8/25, 11 to 4pm at 6300 Pioneer Pkwy. in Johnston.  For more info, find them on facebook or contact them at   Support and take advantage of this cool opportunity!

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