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Friday, October 8, 2010

Dress for the Weather - or not

Iowa, I'm convinced, is Native American for "land of confusing weather"...that's okay, today it's a very good thing. We're actually 2 weeks into an amazing "not sucky" weather trend - just when we were all practically contemplating a mass exit. It's kind of an abusive relationship we have going here with Mother Nature - whom we'll call "Rick" for the sake of the we go, it's playing all nice with sunshine kisses and on the weekend even & how did I ever doubt you weather...and the recent blustery brutality is barely behind us & you know another nasty binge of drizzle & gray is in our future....oh, we know, and yet we stay.

There's an event outside our shop today. It's Huge. We're talking thousands of people. It's World Food Prize big - the World Food Festival is an annual celebration of - food . I'm in. Last year it snowed for heaven's sake & right now we're pushing 80 degrees. Great. Iowa, you know I love you,
you twisted freak.

So anyway, today we adapted by throwing on the air conditioning, grabbing all sweaters & coats from the window and put the main mannequin in a one sleeve tropical print frock - symbolic of the confusion of this seasonal mayhem. One sleeve = ready for anything, you'll at least be half comfortable :) I'm actually pretending our little boutique is in a cute little shopping niche in Lahaina or anywhere in Maui...out come the shell necklaces and sunglasses & we're ready for the sunbirds. Everything's beautiful. Sorry, due to technical difficulties I am unable to post my awesome pictures...I'll send you a postcard.

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