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Friday, July 31, 2009

Rompin' Around!!

This week featured in the window is some very fun summer looks.

If your looking for something so go outside and play in then the Knotty Sisters have the perfect pink romper for you to "romp around" in at the park, along with a Jae Ananoyma's "Julie goes to the Circus" neckless to complete the fabulous outfit.

Going sailing anytime soon? Then the Acanthus sundress with anchors on it is a must along with Pink Revolvers "Alfalfa" feed bag clutch to go with it. Your boy will be looking good as well with an navy blue Acanthus Tee, the both of you will be ready to hit the high seas!

We also have an outfit that can change from a dress to a skirt with just a fold. The Knotty Sisters have a fun grey and purple skirt that can also double as a dress...pair it with one of Rock:Her:Roots reconstructed vests and you have an awesome 80's sensation!

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