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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Declaration of Independents

The impact of often disconcerting economic news and resulting difficult new realities can leave us feeling at times a little helpless. The solution: Get helpful! We are all born with abilities and interests, those things we like to do and can be good at. Change, whether you voted for it or not, was inevitable. Maybe we Americans have been a little TOO big for our britches. A resonant and healthy idea is to develop your key skill and thing long and hard about a fair trade right here at home. We should all learn to be self-reliant –anyway, it’s better for everyone. Realistically, though we can’t all instantly become pioneers and we don’t have to. Rather, pursue a D.I.Y. craft or service, and you’ll be in a position to barter for what you want and need if the need should arise. So, if we’re going to surf the axis shift, see the dollar become just another layer of history or who knows (insert scenario here), just find yourself a good shovel and dig in…there’s some satisfying work to do.

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