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Monday, November 24, 2008

BUY LOCAL - It Matters

We all buy things. We want to, and we keeps the economy rolling. One of the key prospects for a healthy new economic model is the renaissance of the artisan.
You may wonder whatever happened to good old fashioned quality and American ingenuity. Well, it's right under your nose. In your community, I can guarantee there are little folks offering an alternative to the "Goliath's" of the marketplace, and they're doing it because it's what they love & what they're good at. So, if you're concerned about the economy, invest. Invest in the people doing things for the right reasons and we'll all be the richer for it.
We really need to remember to keep humanity and integrity as the cornerstone of our foundation as we rebuild our economy and our country from the inside out.
Live where you live and support the independent spirit of entrepreneurship.

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